[ ven-truh l ]
/ ˈvɛn trəl /


of or relating to the venter or belly; abdominal.
Anatomy, Zoology. situated on or toward the lower, abdominal plane of the body; equivalent to the front, or anterior, in humans.Compare dorsal1(def 2).
Botany, Mycology. of or designating the lower or inner surface of a structure.

Origin of ventral

1730–40; < Latin ventrālis, equivalent to vent(e)r venter + -ālis -al1

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British Dictionary definitions for ventral

/ (ˈvɛntrəl) /


relating to the front part of the body; towards the bellyCompare dorsal
of, relating to, or situated on the upper or inner side of a plant organ, esp a leaf, that is facing the axis

Derived forms of ventral

ventrally, adverb

Word Origin for ventral

C18: from Latin ventrālis, from venter abdomen
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Medical definitions for ventral

[ vĕntrəl ]


Relating to or situated on or close to the abdomen; abdominal.
Relating to or situated on or close to the anterior aspect of the body.
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Scientific definitions for ventral

[ vĕntrəl ]

Relating to or on the front or lower surface of an animal.
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