[ ven-yoo ]
/ ˈvɛn yu /


  1. the place of a crime or cause of action.
  2. the county or place where the jury is gathered and the cause tried.
  3. the designation, in the pleading, of the jurisdiction where a trial will be held.
  4. the statement naming the place and person before whom an affidavit was sworn.
the scene or locale of any action or event.
the position taken by a person engaged in argument or debate; ground.

Origin of venue

1300–50; Middle English venue an attack < Middle French: literally, a coming, Old French, feminine past participle of venir to come < Vulgar Latin *venūta, for Latin venta, equivalent to ven(īre) to come + -ta feminine past participle suffix Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for venue

/ (ˈvɛnjuː) /


  1. the place in which a cause of action arises
  2. the place fixed for the trial of a cause
  3. the locality from which the jurors must be summoned to try a particular cause
a meeting place
any place where an organized gathering, such as a rock concert or public meeting, is held
mainly US a position in an argument

Word Origin for venue

C14: from Old French, from venir to come, from Latin venīre
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