[ wey-ri-tahs; English ver-i-tas, -tahs ]
/ ˈweɪ rɪˌtɑs; English ˈvɛr ɪˌtæs, -ˌtɑs /

noun Latin.

Definition for veritas (2 of 4)

in vino veritas

[ in wee-noh we-ri-tahs; English in vahy-noh ver-i-tas, -tahs, vee-noh ]
/ ɪn ˈwi noʊ ˈwɛ rɪˌtɑs; English ɪn ˈvaɪ noʊ ˈvɛr ɪˌtæs, -tɑs, ˈvi noʊ /


in wine there is truth.

Definition for veritas (3 of 4)

magna est veritas, et praevalebit

[ mahg-nah est we-ri-tahs, et prahy-wah-le-bit; English mag-nuh est ver-i-tas, et pree-vuh lee-bit ]
/ ˈmɑg nɑ ɛst ˈwɛ rɪˌtɑs, ɛt ˌpraɪ wɑˈlɛ bɪt; English ˈmæg nə ɛst ˈvɛr ɪˌtæs, ɛt ˌpri və ˈli bɪt /


truth is great and will prevail.

Definition for veritas (4 of 4)

vincit omnia veritas

[ wing-kit awm-ni-ah wey-ri-tahs; English vin-sit om-nee-uh ver-i-tas, -tahs ]
/ ˈwɪŋ kɪt ˈɔm nɪˌɑ ˈweɪ rɪˌtɑs; English ˈvɪn sɪt ˈɒm ni ə ˈvɛr ɪˌtæs, -ˌtɑs /


truth conquers all things. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for veritas

in vino veritas

/ Latin (ɪn ˈviːnəʊ ˈvɛrɪˌtæs) /

in wine there is truth; people speak the truth when they are drunk
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Word Origin and History for veritas



Latin, literally "truth, truthfulness," from verus "true" (see very). Latin phrase in vino veritas is attributed to Pliny the Elder, though there is a Greek version of it.

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Culture definitions for veritas

in vino veritas

[ (in vee-noh ver-ee-tahs) ]

A Latin phrase suggesting that people are more likely to say what they really feel under the influence of alcohol. It means, “There is truth in wine.”

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