[ Italian ver-raht-tsah-naw ]

  1. Gio·van·ni da [Italian jaw-vahn-nee dah], /Italian dʒɔˈvɑn ni dɑ/, c1480–1527?, Italian navigator and explorer.

  • Also Ver·ra·za·ni [Italian ver-rah-tsah-nee], /Italian ˌvɛr rɑˈtsɑ ni/, Ver·ra·za·no [English ver-uh-zah-noh; Italian ver-rah-tsah-naw]. /English ˌvɛr əˈzɑ noʊ; Italian ˌvɛr rɑˈtsɑ nɔ/.

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How to use Verrazzano in a sentence

  • Many New York-based runners ran the official course on Sunday for their virtual race, with the exception of the initial two-mile stretch across the Verrazzano, which is closed to pedestrians.

    The New York City Marathon Lives On | Martin Fritz Huber | November 3, 2020 | Outside Online
  • Some historians relate that Verrazzano was made prisoner by the savages who inhabit the coast of Labrador, and was eaten by them.

  • He therefore ordered John Verrazzano, a Venetian who was in his service, to make a voyage of exploration.

  • Verrazzano was glad to see his sailor return in safety from this dangerous trip.

    Discoverers and Explorers | Edward R. Shaw
  • After some delay Verrazzano started again, with one vessel called the Dauphine.

    Discoverers and Explorers | Edward R. Shaw
  • Verrazzano was a native of Florence, Italy, and a pirate like many other sailors of that time.

    Discoverers and Explorers | Edward R. Shaw