[ vurs ]

  1. (in the LGBTQ community) being or relating to a person who is willing to take either a penetrative or a receptive role in a particular sexual act, especially anal intercourse.: See also bottom (def. 14), top1 (def. 19).

Origin of vers

First recorded in 2005–10; shortened from versatile
  • Also verse [vurs], /vɜrs/, ver·sa·tile [vur-suh-tl or, especially British, -tahyl] /ˈvɜr sə tl or, especially British, -ˌtaɪl/ .

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How to use vers in a sentence

  • With normal specific gravity the proteid is high when the fat is high, and vice vers.

    A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis | James Campbell Todd
  • If the cake rises well in the oven, it is commonly said that it is "nice and plum;" and vice vers, that it is heavy.

  • J'en fus tir par des cris et je me retournai vers l'endroit d'u ils partaient.

    Baron d'Holbach | Max Pearson Cushing
  • En me voyant arriver vers eux, les trois personnes reconnaissantes disparurent.

    Baron d'Holbach | Max Pearson Cushing
  • It is obvious that the simpler the invention is the more easily it can be made equal to the original conception, and vice vers.

    Invention | Bradley A. Fiske

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abbreviation for
  1. versed sine

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