vertical angles

pl n
  1. geometry the pair of equal angles between a pair of intersecting lines; opposite angles: Also called: vertically opposite angles

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How to use vertical angles in a sentence

  • When much accuracy is not required vertical angles can be measured by means of a quadrant of simple construction.

    Getting Gold | J. C. F. Johnson
  • vertical angles were always measured in both directions with the exception of the above-mentioned cases.

  • The pupil who cannot see the equality of vertical angles intuitively better than by the use of the protractor is abnormal.

    The Teaching of Geometry | David Eugene Smith
  • He does not see why vertical angles should be proved equal when he knows that they are so by looking at the figure.

    The Teaching of Geometry | David Eugene Smith

Scientific definitions for vertical angles

vertical angles

[ vûrtĭ-kəl ]

  1. Two angles formed by two intersecting lines and lying on opposite sides of the point of intersection.

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