[ vest-muhnt ]
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  1. a garment, especially an outer garment.

  2. vestments, Chiefly Literary. attire; clothing.

  1. an official or ceremonial robe.

  2. Ecclesiastical.

    • one of the garments worn by the clergy and their assistants, choristers, etc., during divine service and on other occasions.

    • one of the garments worn by the celebrant, deacon, and subdeacon during the celebration of the Eucharist.

  3. something that clothes or covers like a garment: a mountaintop with a vestment of clouds.

Origin of vestment

1250–1300; syncopated variant of Middle English vestiment<Medieval Latin vestīmentum priestly robe, Latin: garment, equivalent to vestī(re) to dress (see vest) + -mentum-ment

Other words from vestment

  • vest·men·tal [vest-men-tl], /vɛstˈmɛn tl/, adjective
  • vest·ment·ed, adjective
  • sub·vest·ment, noun
  • su·per·vest·ment, noun

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How to use vestment in a sentence

  • Then just in front of them the priest in his white vestment, standing exposed, and just baldly beginning an address.

    Sea and Sardinia | D. H. Lawrence

British Dictionary definitions for vestment


/ (ˈvɛstmənt) /

  1. a garment or robe, esp one denoting office, authority, or rank

  2. any of various ceremonial garments worn by the clergy at religious services

Origin of vestment

C13: from Old French vestiment, from Latin vestīmentum clothing, from vestīre to clothe

Derived forms of vestment

  • vestmental (vɛstˈmɛntəl), adjective

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