[ vet-ing ]
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  1. the act or process of appraising or checking a person or thing for suitability, accuracy, or validity: The quality of a competitive jazz festival is contingent upon the vetting and hiring of experienced judges, which must be done far in advance.

  2. the act or process of examining or treating an animal in one’s capacity as a veterinarian: At this shelter we are passionately dedicated to the rescue, vetting, and homing of orphaned pets.

  1. the occupation or work of a veterinarian: After 30 years of vetting, I sometimes struggle through my morning consults just to collapse in a chair before my afternoon surgery list.

  1. appraising, verifying, or checking something: The appointing authority (the Executive) and the vetting institution (Parliament) should scrutinize appointments so only those with the needed skills are appointed to diplomatic posts.

Origin of vetting

First recorded in 1885–90; vet1 + -ing1 for the noun senses; vet1 + -ing2 for the adjective sense

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