[ vahy-uh l, vahyl ]
/ ˈvaɪ əl, vaɪl /


Also phial. a small container, as of glass, for holding liquids: a vial of rare perfume; a vial of medicine.

verb (used with object), vi·aled, vi·al·ing or (especially British) vi·alled, vi·al·ling.

to put into or keep in a vial.



    pour out vials of wrath, to wreak vengeance or express anger: In her preface she pours out vials of wrath on her detractors.

Origin of vial

1300–50; Middle English viole, variant of fiole phial

Can be confused

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/ (ˈvaɪəl, vaɪl) /


a less common variant of phial

Word Origin for vial

C14: fiole, from Old French, from Old Provençal fiola, from Latin phiala, from Greek phialē; see phial
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