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[vahy-at-i-kuh m, vee-]
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noun, plural vi·at·i·ca [vahy-at-i-kuh, vee-] /vaɪˈæt ɪ kə, vi-/, vi·at·i·cums.
  1. Ecclesiastical. the Eucharist or Communion as given to a person dying or in danger of death.
  2. (among the ancient Romans) a provision or allowance for traveling, originally of transportation and supplies, later of money, made to officials on public missions.
  3. money or necessities for any journey.
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Origin of viaticum

1555–65; < Latin viāticum, neuter of viāticus, equivalent to viāt(us) (past participle of viāre to travel; see via, -ate1) + -icus -ic; cf. voyage
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Historical Examples of viaticum

  • For it was just about this time that the Viaticum must have been administered to his father.


    Beatrice Fortescue

  • If they refused the viaticum they were treated as "damned persons."

  • Having inquired into my resources, he said, “You must take the viaticum.”

    A Tramp's Wallet

    William Duthie

  • The priest said this was impossible as he was not provided with the wherewithal for giving the viaticum.

    Human Animals

    Frank Hamel

  • It is Wallenstein's chance now, and for me nothing but the priest's viaticum.

    The Mercenary

    W. J. Eccott

British Dictionary definitions for viaticum


noun plural -ca (-kə) or -cums
  1. Christianity Holy Communion as administered to a person dying or in danger of death
  2. rare provisions or a travel allowance for a journey
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Word Origin for viaticum

C16: from Latin, from viāticus belonging to a journey, from viāre to travel, from via way
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Word Origin and History for viaticum


1560s, from Latin viaticum "travelling money; provision for a journey," from via "way" (see via).

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