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/ vaɪˈbreɪʃənz /

plural noun

  1. instinctive feelings supposedly influencing human communication
  2. a characteristic atmosphere felt to be emanating from places or objects

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Example Sentences

As a result, sensitive gravitational measurements require isolation from any vibrations and careful fabrication of components.

Three-minute-per-day vibrations claim to shape the nose into a straighter, higher version of the shnoz you currently have.

What makes Haptic Feedback interesting is that it can be used for a lot more than just vibrations.

He told the cops about the “microwave machine” whose “vibrations” kept him from being able to sleep.

Gurnett knew that he could use the vibrations in the plasma to determine its density.

These sections also have vibrations of their own which are of shorter length and more rapid motion.

It will be remembered that pitch depends upon the rapidity of the sound waves or vibrations.

The foreman's immense voice, explaining machines and tools, caused physical vibrations in her.

As there is no air surrounding the bell there is nothing to convey its vibrations to the ear.

In the early Edison phonograph the sound vibrations were registered on a tinfoil-covered cylinder.





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