[ vik-oh, vee-koh; Italian vee-kaw ]

  1. Gio·van·ni Bat·tis·ta [jaw-vahn-nee baht-tees-tah], /dʒɔˈvɑn ni bɑtˈtis tɑ/, 1668–1744, Italian philosopher and jurist.

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  • Vi·co·ni·an [vi-koh-nee-uhn], /vɪˈkoʊ ni ən/, adjective

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How to use Vico in a sentence

  • In his New Science , Vico sought to combine the development of language and of jurisprudence with that of religion.

  • The geologist is not like the Neapolitan thinker, Vico, with his doctrine of recurring cycles in man.

    Hugh Miller | William Keith Leask
  • We shall start by the earlier post, and have lunch together at Vico-Soprano before he comes.

    The Dark Tower | Phyllis Bottome
  • Hence we see what is admissible, and what inadmissible in Vico's system.

  • Vico writes: "The human mind is naturally inclined to project itself on the object of its external senses."

    Myth and Science | Tito Vignoli

British Dictionary definitions for Vico


/ (ˈvɪkəʊ, Italian ˈviːko) /

  1. Giovanni Battista (dʒoˈvanni batˈtista). 1668–1744, Italian philosopher. In Scienza Nuova (1721) he postulated that civilizations rise and fall in evolutionary cycles, making use of myths, poetry, and linguistics as historical evidence

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