[ vi-dahl ]


  1. (Eugene Luther) Gore, 1925–2012, U.S. novelist, essayist, and playwright.


/ viːˈdæl /


  1. VidalGore19252012MUSWRITING: novelistWRITING: critic Gore. 1925–2012 US novelist and essayist. His novels include Julian (1964), Myra Breckinridge (1968), Burr (1974), Lincoln (1984), and The Season of Conflict (1996)

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Example Sentences

It’s difficult to determine the age of poorly preserved bones directly, Vidal says.

“There’s a big gap in between the eruptive history and the archeological history which we’re very slowly filling in,” Vidal says.

The valley “provided resources for the species to thrive,” Vidal says.

Given how massive the eruption was, Vidal says, it’s not surprising that fresh, fine ash was carried hundreds of miles away.

Missing Vidal in particular could be really bad for Barcelona.

“We see that Western countries are preparing themselves in case they have one or two cases,” said Vidal.

Sebastian Vidal, a field coordinator for MSF, told NPR he was “flabbergasted” at the lack of international response.

He quotes Gore Vidal, who said, “You never know when you are happy, you only know when you were happy.”

Gore Vidal defined an intellectual as “someone who can deal with abstractions.”

He talks to Juan Vidal about how he writes, why his books are short, and adapting his work for film.

Marguerite had a marvellous portrait of herself, by Vidal, the only man whose pencil could do her justice.

Nor did he remember the circumstance of having on this or any other occasion played a trio of Mayseder's with Gutmann and Vidal.

Vidal Bev, Boccacce et les docks et warrants, in Bulletin de l'institut gyptien .

Dr. Vidal gives no proof that the Japanese plant is wild in that country.

Vidal, one of the newly elected Paris representatives, was returned for Strassburg also.


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