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video camera

or vid·e·o·cam·er·a

[ vid-ee-oh-kam-er-uh, ‑-kam-ruh ]


  1. a handheld or mounted portable camera intended for recording moving images in digital memory or on videotape.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of video camera1


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Example Sentences

Like so many Masterpiece Classics, the indifferent cinematography gives the impression of video cameras wandering through a stage play.

From Time

Teenagers in particular don’t turn their laptop video cameras on — not wanting to show their homes in the background or feeling awkward about showing themselves.

The scientists placed several of the animals in a “rat house,” a small cow shed with video cameras inside.

For the remainder of the material, he traded in his video camera for a pen.

In addition, a video camera was installed on top of the visitor's center, which had a clear view of the instrument platform and one of the support towers.

But the clever thing that got many of us paying immediate attention was a video camera.

Four laptops, one hard disk and a video camera were taken from Addameer's office, a statement from the group said.

West said he saw a massage table and video camera in the studio, attached to a tripod.

A woman sits by herself in lingerie on a couch, playing with a video camera.

In another room, Nora sat in the corner, while the casting director wielded a video camera.

He had a video camera on his shoulder, a serious rig with blinding white light.


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