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verb (used without object), vied, vy·ing.
  1. to strive in competition or rivalry with another; contend for superiority: Swimmers from many nations were vying for the title.
verb (used with object), vied, vy·ing.
  1. Archaic. to put forward in competition or rivalry.
  2. Obsolete. to stake in card playing.

Origin of vie

1525–35; by aphesis < Middle French envier to raise the stake (at cards), Old French: to challenge, provoke < Latin invītāre to entertain, invite
Related formsvi·er, nounout·vie, verb (used with object), out·vied, out·vy·ing.

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Contemporary Examples of vied

  • She struggled with worldly woes, she vied with ever-greater risks in her work, but she trusted life: She lived in the attempt.

    The Daily Beast logo
    A Eulogy for Marie Colvin

    Katrina Heron

    March 14, 2012

  • However, the oil spill, the Times Square bombing, the McChrystal firing, and the Blagojevich trial have all vied for his focus.

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    What Will the Fallout Be for Obama?

    The Daily Beast

    July 10, 2010

  • Ross vied for a monumental Joan Miro towering over five feet high but dropped out of the bidding.

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    London Auctions

    Brook Mason

    June 25, 2010

Historical Examples of vied

  • Thus they vied with each other in little attentions to the down-hearted man.

    The Manxman

    Hall Caine

  • All vied in testifying their consideration, and the Duke of St. James exceeded all.

    The Young Duke

    Benjamin Disraeli

  • They vied for my special favour; they could not make enough of me.

  • On these occasions David vied with Tammas in facetiousness at his father's expense.

    Bob, Son of Battle

    Alfred Ollivant

  • And everybody in Reims vied with his neighbor in going to see them.

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verb vies, vying or vied
  1. (intr; foll by with or for) to contend for superiority or victory (with) or strive in competition (for)
  2. (tr) archaic to offer, exchange, or display in rivalry
Derived Formsvier, nounvying, adjective, noun

Word Origin for vie

C15: probably from Old French envier to challenge, from Latin invītāre to invite
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Word Origin and History for vied



1560s, shortened form of Middle English envie "make a challenge," from Old French envier, from Latin invitare (see invite).

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