[ wee-de; English vahy-dee, vee- ]
/ ˈwi dɛ; English ˈvaɪ di, ˈvi- /
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verb Latin.
see (used especially to refer a reader to parts of a text).
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What does vide mean?

Vide is a Latin term meaning “see” or “refer to.” It’s used in texts to direct a reader to a specific place elsewhere in the text or in another text.

Vide is used in phrases like vide ante (meaning “see before”), vide infra (“see below”), vide post (“see after”), vide supra (see above), vide ut supra (“see as above”), and quod vide, which indicates a cross reference.

Vide can be abbreviated as v., vid. and vid (without a period).

Unrelatedly, the word vide appears in the French-derived term sous vide, which is a cooking technique involving a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch. In sous vide, the word vide translates as “vacuum.”

Example: Additional information can be found in the preceding chapters (vide pp. 44–48).

Where does vide come from?

The first records of vide as an instruction in English texts come from the 1500s. It comes from the Latin verb vidēre, meaning “to see” (vidēre is also the basis of many other English words relating to seeing, including video and vision).

Vide is just one of the many Latin terms traditionally used in texts to instruct the reader or to provide some note about what’s on the page. These are associated with their use in notes or other citations in reference books and scholarly works. Many of these terms have traditionally been used in printed texts, where they are often abbreviated, but this is less common in digital media.

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What are some other forms related to vide

  • vid. (abbreviation)
  • v. (abbreviation)
  • vid (abbreviation)

What are some synonyms for vide?

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What are some words that often get used in discussing vide?

How is vide used in real life?

Vide is most commonly used in educational texts or reference works. It’s much less commonly used in works that were originally published in a digital medium.



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In which of the following ways can the Latin term vide be abbreviated?

A. vid.
B. vid
C. v.
D. all of the above

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British Dictionary definitions for vide

/ (ˈvaɪdɪ) /

(used to direct a reader to a specified place in a text, another book, etc) refer to, see (often in the phrases vide ante (see before), vide infra (see below), vide post (see after), vide supra (see above), vide ut supra (see as above), etc)Abbreviation: v, vid

Word Origin for vide

C16: from Latin
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