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or Vi·et Minh

[vee-et-min, vyet-, vee-it-]
  1. a Vietnamese, Communist-led organization whose forces fought against the Japanese and especially against the French in Indochina: officially in existence 1941–51.
  2. (used with a plural verb) the leaders, supporters, and fighters of this organization.
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  1. of or relating to the Vietminh.
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Origin of Vietminh

< Vietnamese Việt-Minh, short for Việt-Nam Độc-Lập Đông-Minh Vietnam Independence League
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British Dictionary definitions for vietminh


Viet Minh

  1. a Vietnamese organization led by Ho Chi Minh that first fought the Japanese and then the French (1941–54) in their attempt to achieve national independence
  2. a member or group of members of this organization, esp in the armed forces
  3. (modifier) of or relating to this organization or to its members
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Word Origin

from Vietnamese Viet Nam Doc Lap Dong Minh Hoi Vietnam League of Independence
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