vieux jeu

/ French (vjø ʒø) /

  1. old-fashioned

Origin of vieux jeu

literally: old game

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How to use vieux jeu in a sentence

  • These are regarded as somewhat vieux jeu at the present day, but in their own particular line they have never been bettered.

  • Their enthusiasm amused people, but now, you see, it has become vieux jeu.

    The Shuttle | Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Even gallantry with its mimic of being jealous and its pretended constancy was vieux jeu.

  • She said she thought it vieux jeu, and preferred Debussy: a foolish comparison.

    Passing By | Maurice Baring
  • It was vieux jeu, this lecturing from Alfred; at least it didn't stir him to the depths as did the burning phrases of Milt.

    Painted Veils | James Huneker