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[ vyoo-point ]


  1. a place affording a view of something; position of observation:

    to sketch a river from the viewpoint of a bluff.

  2. an attitude of mind, or the circumstances of an individual that conduce to such an attitude:

    new marketing techniques seen from the consumer's viewpoint.

    Synonyms: angle, stance, position, perspective, standpoint


/ ˈvjuːˌpɔɪnt /


  1. the mental attitude that determines a person's opinions or judgments; point of view
  2. a place from which something can be viewed

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Word History and Origins

Origin of viewpoint1

First recorded in 1855–60; alteration of point of view, modeled on standpoint

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Example Sentences

That viewpoint has gained acceptance in the South American nation of Chile.

He climbed to a viewpoint near his studio to capture the mountain at different times, in different lights.

If coaches do not feel empowered, their voices and viewpoints will be wasted.

My viewpoint is we’ll make fewer and bigger bets on large-scale tentpoles this year.

From Digiday

The reactions, in some cases influenced by political viewpoint, ranged from anger to concern to indifference.

I condemn this action from the viewpoint of the Guards and the [paramilitary] Basij.

How many times have you heard some formulation of this viewpoint?

There are too many issues on which his viewpoint and mine diverge.

There, 9,387 white crosses are aligned so that from any viewpoint they form perfect formations.

Maybe what he missed is that having an all-white panel that all nodded in agreement to the same viewpoint is what the problem was.

The social regulations from the viewpoint of individual psychology.

It was from the viewpoint of life in general and the universe as a whole that the sentiments herein were expressed.

He beheld the same vision as in the beginning by the river Chebar only from another viewpoint.

His heart sank when he realized what her plight meant from the wrecking and salvage viewpoint.

So Samuel Clemens had reached the half-century mark; reached it in what seemed the fullness of success from every viewpoint.


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