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[vahy-jes-uh-muh l]
  1. of, relating to, or based on twenty.
  2. twentieth.
  3. proceeding by twenties.
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Origin of vigesimal

1650–60; < Latin vīgēsim(us), variant (with g of vīgintī twenty) of vīcēsimus, vīcēnsimus twentieth + -al1
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Examples from the Web for vigesimal

Historical Examples

  • It counted by units and scores; in other words, it was a vigesimal system.

    The Maya Chronicles


  • This long cycle was an application of the vigesimal system to their reckoning of time.

  • The last of these scales is an unusual combination of decimal and vigesimal.

    The Number Concept

    Levi Leonard Conant

  • Associated words: vicenary, vigesimal, vigesimation, icosahedron.

    Putnam's Word Book

    Louis A. Flemming

  • As the latter is due to finger-reckoning, so the use of the fingers and the toes produced a vigesimal scale.

British Dictionary definitions for vigesimal


  1. relating to or based on the number 20
  2. taking place or proceeding in intervals of 20
  3. twentieth
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Word Origin

C17: from Latin vīgēsimus, variant (influenced by vīgintī twenty) of vīcēsimus twentieth
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