[ vee-noh ]
/ ˈvi noʊ /
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noun, plural vi·nos.Informal.
wine; specifically, red Italian wine, as chianti.
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Origin of vino

1895–1900; <Italian: wine

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variant of vini-.
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What does vino- mean?

Vino- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “wine.” It is used in a few scientific terms connected to wine-making.

Vino- comes from the Latin vīnum, meaning “wine.” The English word wine also ultimately comes from the Latin vīnum.

What are variants of vino-?

Vini-, as in viniculture, is a variant of vino-. Vin- is another variant, especially before a vowel.

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Examples of vino-

One word that features vino- as a combining form is vinometer, a tool for measuring the percentage of alcohol in wine.

The first part of the word, vino-, means “wine.” The combining form -meter might also look familiar. It means “measure.” Vinometer literally translates to “wine measurer.”

What are some other forms that vino- may be commonly confused with?

The word vino, on its own, is an informal term for “wine,” borrowed directly from the Italian word for this adult beverage.

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How to use vino in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for vino

/ (ˈviːnəʊ) /

noun plural -nos
an informal word for wine

Word Origin for vino

jocular use of Italian or Spanish vino
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