virtual assistant

[ vur-choo-uhluh-sis-tuhnt ]

  1. a person, as a freelance office assistant, who works remotely in an administrative role.

  2. Also called dig·it·al as·sis·tant [dij-i-tluh-sis-tuhnt], /ˈdɪdʒ ɪ tl əˈsɪs tənt/, voice as·sis·tant [voisuh-sis-tuhnt] /ˈvɔɪs əˈsɪs tənt/ .Digital Technology. a device or piece of software that can perform basic tasks and answer some questions in response to spoken natural language, often following a command or prompt.

Origin of virtual assistant

First recorded in 2000–05 for def. 1, and in 2010–15 for def. 2

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