[wees; English vis]

noun, plural vi·res [wee-reys; English vahy-reez] /ˈwi reɪs; English ˈvaɪ riz/. Latin.

strength; force; power.


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  • Of those who are wrong, Vis Inertiæ has sent in a piece of incorrect working.

    A Tangled Tale

    Lewis Carroll

  • Isaac showed off, all right, with his 'Bipets are sings vis two lex!'


    Anna Balmer Myers

  • He looked straight at his vis--vis, but Handsome avoided his direct gaze.

    The Mask

    Arthur Hornblow

  • The following are the most important of its sources of vis viva.

  • Throughout all her regions she oscillates from tension to vis viva, from vis viva to tension.

British Dictionary definitions for vis


noun plural vires (ˈvaɪriːz)

power, force, or strength


abbreviation for

Viscount or Viscountess
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