or viz·ca·cha

[ vi-skah-chuh ]

  1. a burrowing rodent, Lagostomus maximus, about the size of a groundhog, inhabiting the pampas of Paraguay and Argentina, allied to the chinchilla.

  2. Also called mountain viscacha. a related rodent of the genus Lagidium, of the Andes, about the size of a squirrel, having rabbitlike ears and a squirrellike tail.

Origin of viscacha

1595–1605; <Spanish <Quechua wisk’acha

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How to use viscacha in a sentence

  • Closely related to the chinchilla is the viscacha, which is found very abundantly in the great pampas districts of South America.

  • In many forms this part of the sternum is much broader than the pieces which follow; this is so with the viscacha.

  • There the biscacha, or viscacha—as it is indifferently spelt—plays pretty much the same part as the rabbit in our northern lands.

    Gaspar the Gaucho | Mayne Reid
  • Why does the white huntsman earth himself like a timid viscacha?

    The Guide of the Desert | Gustave Aimard
  • The fur of the viscacha is not so pretty, being of a brownish and white mixture.

    The Forest Exiles | Mayne Reid

British Dictionary definitions for viscacha



/ (vɪsˈkætʃə) /

  1. a gregarious burrowing hystricomorph rodent, Lagostomus maximus, of southern South America, similar to but larger than the chinchillas: family Chinchillidae

  2. mountain viscacha the mountain chinchilla: See chinchilla (def. 3)

Origin of viscacha

C17: from Spanish, from Quechuan wiskácha

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