[ viz-i-goth ]
/ ˈvɪz ɪˌgɒθ /


a member of the westerly division of the Goths, which formed a monarchy about a.d. 418, maintaining it in southern France until 507 and in Spain until 711.
Compare Ostrogoth.

Origin of Visigoth

1605–15; < Late Latin Visigothī (plural) < Germanic, equivalent to *wisi- (cognate with west) + goth- goth


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/ (ˈvɪzɪˌɡɒθ) /


a member of the western group of the Goths, who were driven into the Balkans in the late 4th century ad . Moving on, they sacked Rome (410) and established a kingdom in present-day Spain and S France that lasted until 711

Derived forms of Visigoth

Visigothic, adjective

Word Origin for Visigoth

C17: from Late Latin Visigothī (pl), of Germanic origin, visi- perhaps meaning: west
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