visual angle

  1. the angle subtended by an object at the lens of the eye

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How to use visual angle in a sentence

  • Some51 hold that distant objects seem to us lesser only because they are seen under a smaller visual angle.

    Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 3 | Plotinos (Plotinus)
  • The visual angle of an object is the angle at the eye lens between the rays that have come from the ends of the object.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • It may be safely said that the field or "visual angle" of the unaided eye for distinct vision is at least 45° in all directions.

    Visual Signaling | Signal Corps United States Army
  • By this arrangement a visual angle is secured, and all objects lying within it are distinctly visible at the same time.

  • Nor would it be impossible to reduce, now, under the definite visual angle of materialism, the whole of ancient Roman history.