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[ vizh-oo-uh-lee ]


  1. in a visual manner; with respect to sight; by sight.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of visually1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; visual, -ly

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Example Sentences

Unlike McDonald’s and its pressed-fish patty, Popeyes is serving up a fresh-tasting, visually appealing piece of fish.

To help, we made an improvement to Image Search to reduce duplicate images, so that we can display others that are relevant yet visually distinct….

Mittens, on the other hand, are more basic visually, but they will keep your paws warmer than gloves.

“I am excited to join ProPublica's video team and collaborate with some of the best reporters to tell important stories visually,” Rodríguez Pons said.

Her food is super nuanced, and either visually or in taste creates such a flavor memory.

From Ozy

They are never portraits of specific individuals who might interest us, even visually, apart from their pictorial roles.

The hallucination is visually incoherent, either a rough approximation of text or a random assemblage of letters.

School is a visually-competitive, weird, and cutting environment, and everyone is so insecure.

At first this is integral to the fantasy; it's visually stimulating.

We need to visually identify wreckage before we can confirm that this is the final resting place of Flight MH370.

Except in the Lists of Itineraries and Maps, and in this introductory section, all links are visually coded.

I stopped long enough to check the Bonanza .375 both visually and perceptively and then loaded it full.

A muco-purulent or purulent secretion can visually be pressed out from between the papillomatous elevations.

Bessie glanced at the thirty-two minor display panels, checking visually, even as her fingers fed the question to the computer.

The sighting drills will visually illustrate the following kinds of sights.


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