[ vee-toh ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

And now to this list of New York pols who refuse to go away, it may be possible to add another name: Vito Fossella.

The name that most Republicans seem both to expect and dread to consider running is Vito Fossella.

And there have been no rumblings that Vito is anything but completely comfortable with himself and with his lover.

Vito Marcantonio, the fiery Communist congressman from the Bronx, was reputedly playing ball with the mob.

Vito, which played recently on HBO, is about activist and film historian Vito Russo, who died in 1990.

A week after Volaski had left me you followed us and traced us to San Vito.

It was written from San Vito, a small mountain hamlet in the northern part of Italy.

Next to his love for Nicoletta Lupero it became the great passion of his life to learn what had become of Vito.

Yet he was sad always, especially so as since his arrival in America he had made no progress toward finding Vito.

No, as soon as he was satisfied that Vito could not be found and had saved enough money he must return.