[ vahy-too-puh-rey-shuhn, -tyoo-, vi- ]
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  1. verbal abuse or castigation; violent denunciation or condemnation.

Origin of vituperation

1475–85; <Latin vituperātiōn- (stem of vituperātio), equivalent to vituperāt(us) (see vituperate) + -iōn--ion

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How to use vituperation in a sentence

  • The syllogisms were overthrown by their satire, and their arguments evaporated in their vituperation.

  • Sometimes Michael or Alan would be ejected with vituperation from the class-room to spend an hour in the corridor without.

    Sinister Street, vol. 1 | Compton Mackenzie
  • His guests were always ready to laugh at his words and add their quota to the sum of vituperation.

  • He had not the fine, glittering, incisive touch of Wendell Phillips's fatal sarcasm and vituperation.

    From the Easy Chair, series 2 | George William Curtis
  • The Tory press, hungry for the spoil which it maddened the others to lose, paid back the compliments by intense vituperation.

    The Felon's Track | Michael Doheny

British Dictionary definitions for vituperation


/ (vɪˌtjuːpəˈreɪʃən) /

  1. abusive language or venomous censure

  2. the act of vituperating

Derived forms of vituperation

  • vituperative (vɪˈtjuːpərətɪv, -prətɪv), adjective
  • vituperatively, adverb

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