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or vi·ver·rid

[vahy-ver-ahyn, -in, vi-]
  1. of or relating to the Viverridae, a family of small carnivorous mammals including the civets, genets, palm cats, etc.
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  1. a viverrine animal.
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Origin of viverrine

1790–1800; < New Latin viverrīnus, equivalent to Viverr(a) a genus name (Latin vīverra the ferret or a similar animal; akin to Lithuanian voverė̃, Old Russian věveritsa, Old English ācwern, Old High German eihhurno squirrel) + -īnus -ine1
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Historical Examples of viverrid

  • The Mustelid are allied to the Viverrid in their general conformation.

    The Desert World

    Arthur Mangin

  • The parasites of the civets, ichneumons and their allies, (Viverrid) are of little importance.


    T. Spencer Cobbold

  • It is classed with the Viverrid, but stands intermediate between them and the cats.

  • Viverrine, vī-ver′in, adj. pertaining to the Viverrid, one of the four families of the luroidea section of Carnivora.

  • As the animal grows older, the spots run into stripes, and it becomes as clearly banded horizontally as the viverrid.

British Dictionary definitions for viverrid


  1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Viverridae, a family of small to medium-sized predatory mammals of Eurasia and Africa, including genets, civets and mongooses: order Carnivora (carnivores)
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  1. any animal belonging to the family Viverridae
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Word Origin for viverrine

C19: from New Latin viverrīnus, from Latin viverra a ferret
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viverrid in Science


  1. Any of various mostly small carnivorous mammals of the family Viverridae, having long, slender bodies with short legs and bushy tails. Viverrids include the civets, mongooses, meerkats, and binturong.
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[vī-vĕrĭn, -īn′]
  1. Characteristic of or resembling civets or their kin.
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