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  • The phallic meaning of all this is evident; and a kind of Trinity is presented to us, viz.

    The Non-Christian Cross

    John Denham Parsons

  • The shifting of Positions by springing, may be known by what follows, viz.


    John Weaver

  • In moving sideways, the Tract or Line must also be considered as to its two sides, viz.


    John Weaver

  • These kind of starting Steps, may be practis'd two ways, viz.


    John Weaver

  • Through the whole, as he read on, his grace had but one idea, viz.

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1530s, abbreviation of videlicet "that is to say, to wit, namely" (mid-15c.), from Latin videlicet, contraction of videre licet "it is permissible to see," from videre "to see" (see vision) + licet "it is allowed," third person singular present indicative of licere "be allowed" (see licence). The -z- is not a letter, but originally a twirl, representing the usual Medieval Latin shorthand symbol for the ending -et. "In reading aloud usually rendered by 'namely.' " [OED]

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