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verb (used with object), vo·cal·ized, vo·cal·iz·ing.
  1. to make vocal; utter; articulate; sing.
  2. to endow with a voice; cause to utter.
  3. Phonetics.
    1. to voice.
    2. to change into a vowel (contrasted with consonantalize).
  4. (of Hebrew, Arabic, and other writing systems that do not usually indicate vowels) to furnish with vowels or vowel points.
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verb (used without object), vo·cal·ized, vo·cal·iz·ing.
  1. to use the voice, as in speech or song.
  2. to sing without uttering words, especially to warm up the voice, practice vowel sounds, etc., before a performance.
  3. to sing scales, arpeggios, trills, or the like, usually to a solmization syllable or a vowel sound.
  4. Phonetics. to become changed into a vowel.
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Also especially British, vo·cal·ise.

Origin of vocalize

First recorded in 1660–70; vocal + -ize
Related formsvo·cal·i·za·tion, nounvo·cal·iz·er, nounmis·vo·cal·i·za·tion, nounnon·vo·cal·i·za·tion, nounsub·vo·cal·ize, verb, sub·vo·cal·ized, sub·vo·cal·iz·ing.un·vo·cal·ized, adjective
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Related Words for vocalization

enunciation, vent, interpretation, communication, argument, narration, phrase, announcement, style, diction, elucidation, assertion, idiom, emphasis, exposition, statement, speech, issue, speaking, articulation

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Historical Examples of vocalization

  • No behaviorist can possibly show that the air waves set in motion by my vocalization were an indispensable stimulus.

    Creative Intelligence

    John Dewey, Addison W. Moore, Harold Chapman Brown, George H. Mead, Boyd H. Bode, Henry Waldgrave, Stuart James, Hayden Tufts, Horace M. Kallen

  • She will set him sighing after the vocalization of the other side of the Atlantic.

    Physiology of The Opera

    John H. Swaby (AKA "Scrici")

  • Her delivery of 'Casta Diva' is a transcendent effort of vocalization.

  • The quality of the notes suggested a relationship to the song phrase rather than to other types of vocalization.

  • The only other vocalization noted throughout the nestling period was an abbreviated chee.

British Dictionary definitions for vocalization



  1. to express with or use the voice; articulate (a speech, song, etc)
  2. (tr) to make vocal or articulate
  3. (tr) phonetics
    1. to articulate (a speech sound) with voice
    2. to change (a consonant) into a vowel
  4. another word for vowelize
  5. (intr) to sing a melody on a vowel, etc
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Derived Formsvocalization or vocalisation, nounvocalizer or vocaliser, noun
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Word Origin and History for vocalization


1842, "action of vocalizing;" 1855, "mode or manner of vocalizing;" see vocalize + -ation.

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1660s, from vocal + -ize. Related: Vocalized; vocalizing.

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