vocational school


  1. a school offering instruction in one or more skilled or semiskilled trades or occupations.

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Example Sentences

Instead, she is left with the option to go to vocational school, or what is referred to as lycée professionnel in France.

The finality of standardized exams, effectively tracks out some students, whose best second option is vocational school.

She lived in Los Angeles County at the time and enrolled in Bryman College, a vocational school where she studied medical billing.

These could be printed by the state printer or, better, by the boys in a vocational school.

In these centers should be housed the day vocational school, the day continuation classes, and the night vocational classes.

Before 1944 secondary education in Bulgaria consisted of the gymnasium and the vocational school.

Vocational-school teachers generally were vocational-school graduates themselves.

Vocational-school teachers and art teachers were trained at appropriate faculties of higher educational institutions.