the plural of vox

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Historical Examples of voces

  • Well, the moths are—all gone, and Voces Fidelium along with them; only the fool is still on hand and practises new follies.

    Across the Plains

    Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Our text is from 1648; but the only variation from the original in 'Voces Votiv' is in line 7, 'to' instead of 'for.'

  • The first theme of the quartet "Voces intimæ" resembles not a little a certain theme in "Boris."

    Musical Portraits

    Paul Rosenfeld

  • Verba denote words in general, with reference to their meaning; voces, with reference to their form and their sound.

  • In Voces Populi Mr. Guthrie has gathered a score and a half of fragmentary dialogues, casual, plotless, but never pointless.