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[ voh-sif-er-uhs ]


  1. crying out noisily; clamorous.

    Synonyms: boisterous, uproarious, vocal, noisy, loud

  2. characterized by or uttered with noisy or vehement outcry:

    vociferous protests.


/ vəʊˈsɪfərəs /


  1. characterized by vehemence, clamour, or noisiness

    vociferous protests

  2. making an outcry or loud noises; clamorous

    a vociferous mob

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Derived Forms

  • voˈciferously, adverb
  • voˈciferousness, noun

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Other Words From

  • vo·cif·er·ous·ly adverb
  • vo·cif·er·ous·ness noun
  • un·vo·cif·er·ous adjective
  • un·vo·cif·er·ous·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of vociferous1

First recorded in 1605–15; vocifer(ant) + -ous

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Example Sentences

The most vociferous of these commentators, like the New York Times’ David Leonhardt, even castigate those trying to keep themselves and those they love safe as barriers to getting back to normal.

From Time

Deftly wielding the Christian principles of love and forgiveness as a weapon in his fight to dismantle apartheid, he regularly, and publicly, prayed for the wellbeing of his opponents, even those who were most vociferous in their attacks against him.

From Time

This bill does not seem likely to be signed into law this session given its lack of support from high-up Democratic lawmakers, and it also faces vociferous opposition from the National Restaurant Association.

Life has a way of metamorphosing even the most vociferous young.

It stormed the streets in the summer of 2011, and it is alive and vociferous in the winter of 2013.

Indeed, Prada has become a vociferous advocate for springtime fur-wearing.

They find vociferous support in attacking "outsiders" for taking jobs that belong, possibly by divine right, to sons of the soil.

Whether the GOP nominee for president will respond to the announcement in such vociferous terms remains to be seen.

The vociferous tones pierce my ears, and my heart bleeds at his meaningless declamation.

The dog seems to owe its vociferous nature to man, who, of all beings, uses his tongue the most.

A crack of the whip, a vociferous shouting to the mules, and the coach faces right about with military precision for San Juan.

As the news flew along the lines on that Sabbath morning, the cheering was prolonged and vociferous.

A vociferous crowd of Dyaks hastened to the beach under the misapprehension that the proa was a trader.


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