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  1. video on demand: an interactive TV system that allows the viewer to select content and view it at a time of his or her own choosing

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Example Sentences

The film will be available on VOD platforms, iTunes, and select theaters this Friday, August 22.

His next film is the thriller Hours, which will be released in theaters and VOD on Dec. 13.

The film will be released September 24 via iTunes/Amazon and cable VOD and in theaters in select cities.

The film will shoot this summer, have a limited theatrical release in early 2014, and will be distributed online and through VOD.

It just broke a record for becoming the number one VOD release on iTunes before it even hit theaters.

"I sud say a leetle gin vod be de best ting for im," replied Jack.

When the jury was ready to return a verdict, the Deemster asked in Manx, as by ancient usage, "Vod y fer-carree soie?"

"Sare Moses Baronet vod perhaps lend you von, sare," suggested Jack.