Volga Tatar

or Volga Tartar


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[ tah-ter ]
/ ˈtɑ tər /


a member of a modern Turkic people living in the Tatar Autonomous Republic and adjacent regions of eastern European Russia and in widely scattered communities in western Siberia and central Asia.
the language of this people, including the literary language of the Tatar Autonomous Republic, the dialects of the Tatar Autonomous Republic and adjacent regions of the Volga basin (Volga Tatar), and numerous other dialects, some transitional to other Turkic languages.


of or relating to the Tatars or their language.
Also Tartar (for defs 1–3, 5).

Origin of Tatar

First recorded in 1805–15; see origin at Tartar

Related forms

Ta·tar·i·an [tah-tair-ee-uh n] /tɑˈtɛər i ən/, Ta·tar·ic [tah-tar-ik] /tɑˈtær ɪk/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for volga tatar



/ (ˈtɑːtə) /


  1. a member of a Mongoloid people who under Genghis Khan established a vast and powerful state in central Asia from the 13th century until conquered by Russia in 1552
  2. a descendant of this people, now scattered throughout Russia but living chiefly in the Tatar Republic
any of the languages spoken by the present-day Tatars, belonging to various branches of the Turkic family of languages, esp Kazan Tatar


of, relating to, or characteristic of the Tatars

Derived Forms

Tatarian (tɑːˈtɛərɪən), Tartarian, Tataric (tɑːˈtærɪk) or Tartaric, adjective

Word Origin for Tatar

C14: from Old French Tartare, from Medieval Latin Tartarus (associated with Latin Tartarus the underworld), from Persian Tātār
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