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[ vol-voks ]
/ ˈvɒl vɒks /


any colonial, freshwater green algae of the genus Volvox, forming a hollow, greenish sphere of flagellated cells.

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Origin of volvox

1790–1800; < New Latin, equivalent to Latin volv(ere) to turn, roll + -ōx (as in ferōx) Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈvɒlvɒks) /


any freshwater flagellate protozoan of the genus Volvox, occurring in colonies in the form of hollow multicellular spheres

Word Origin for volvox

C18: from New Latin, from Latin volvere to roll
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Word Origin and History for volvox



1798, from Latin volvere "to roll," from PIE root *wel- "to turn, revolve," with derivatives referring to curved, enclosing objects (cf. Sanskrit valate "turns round," ulvam "womb, vulva;" Lithuanian valtis "twine, net," apvalus "round;" Old Church Slavonic valiti "roll, welter," vluna "wave;" Greek eluo "wind, wrap," helix "spiral object," eilein "to turn, squeeze;" Gothic walwjan "to roll;" Old English wealwian "roll," weoloc "whelk, spiral-shelled mollusk;" Old High German walzan "to roll, waltz;" Old Irish fulumain "rolling;" Welsh olwyn "wheel").

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