/ (ˈfʊəˌtrɛkə, ˈvʊə-) /

noun (in South Africa)

one of the original Afrikaner settlers of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State who migrated from the Cape Colony in the 1830s
a member of the Afrikaner youth movement founded in 1931

Word Origin for Voortrekker

C19: from Dutch, from voor- fore- + trekken to trek
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Examples from the Web for voortrekker

  • Later in the day I had the pleasure of visiting the farm of that stalwart "voortrekker," Sarel Cellier.

    Through Shot and Flame|J. D. Kestell.
  • His father was a voortrekker, and the great Sarel was a far-out cousin.

    The African Colony|John Buchan
  • Among the dead was the renowned Sarel Cilliers, grandson of the worthy "voortrekker" of the same name.

    Three Years' War|Christiaan Rudolf de Wet