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noun, plural vor·ti·cel·lae [vawr-tuh-sel-ee] /ˌvɔr təˈsɛl i/, vor·ti·cel·las.
  1. any ciliated protozoan of the genus Vorticella, having a transparent, bell-shaped body with a retractile stalk.
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Origin of vorticella

From New Latin, dating back to 1780–90; see origin at vortex, -ella
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Historical Examples of vorticella

  • A species of Vorticella was probably the first Protozoan that was ever observed.

    Insects and Diseases

    Rennie W. Doane

  • "On the whole—yes," said Vorticella, in a tone of concession.

  • Your amœba or vorticella, as the case may be, splits in two.

  • The form and structure of the individuals is not different from Vorticella.

  • Examine a colony of Vorticella in a watch-glass of water or in a drop of water on a glass slide under the microscope.

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noun plural -lae (-liː)
  1. any protozoan of the genus Vorticella, consisting of a goblet-shaped ciliated cell attached to the substratum by a long contractile stalk
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Word Origin for vorticella

C18: from New Latin, literally: a little eddy, from vortex
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