verb (used with object), vouch·safed, vouch·saf·ing.

to grant or give, as by favor, graciousness, or condescension: to vouchsafe a reply to a question.
to allow or permit, as by favor or graciousness: They vouchsafed his return to his own country.

verb (used without object), vouch·safed, vouch·saf·ing.

to condescend; deign.

Origin of vouchsafe

1275–1325; Middle English phrase vouche sauf. See vouch, safe
Related formsvouch·safe·ment, nounun·vouch·safed, adjective

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give, grant, yield, concede, favor, bestow, condescend, award, deign

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verb (tr)

to give or grant or condescend to give or grantshe vouchsafed no reply; he vouchsafed me no encouragement
(may take a clause as object or an infinitive) to agree, promise, or permit, often graciously or condescendinglyhe vouchsafed to come yesterday
  1. to warrant as being safe
  2. to bestow as a favour (upon)
Derived Formsvouchsafement, noun

Word Origin for vouchsafe

C14: vouchen sauf; see vouch, safe
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Word Origin and History for vouchsafe

c.1300, vouchen safe "to vouch as safe" (see vouch and safe).

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