vox populi

[ voks pop-yuh-lahy ]
/ ˈvɒks ˈpɒp yəˌlaɪ /


the voice of the people; popular opinion.Abbreviationvox pop.

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Origin of vox populi

From the Latin word vōx populī

vox populi, vox Dei

[ wohks poh-poo-lee wohks de-ee; English voks pop-yuh-lahy voks dee-ahy, dey-ee ]
/ woʊks ˈpoʊ pʊˌli woʊks ˈdɛ i; English vɒks ˈpɒp yəˌlaɪ vɒks ˈdi aɪ, ˈdeɪ i /


the voice of the people (is) the voice of God.
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British Dictionary definitions for vox populi

vox populi

/ (ˈpɒpjʊˌlaɪ) /


the voice of the people; popular or public opinion

Word Origin for vox populi


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Word Origin and History for vox populi

vox populi


1540s, Latin, literally "voice of the people." The full maxim (first attested in Medieval Latin) is vox populi, vox Dei "the voice of the people is the voice of God." Short form vox pop attested by 1964.

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