/ (ˌvreɪsɒmˈblɒns, French vrɛsɑ̃blɑ̃s) /

  1. verisimilitude; appearance of truth

Origin of vraisemblance

French, from vrai true + semblance

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How to use vraisemblance in a sentence

  • Among brutal Saxons the theory still lingers that Ireland is all bog, and this will give vraisemblance to your picture.

  • Burckhardt was the first to dispute this claim, and to ascribe the fresco with more vraisemblance to Perugino.

    Pintoricchio | Evelyn March Phillipps
  • Splendid as is the scene between her and Savonarola, the vraisemblance is spoilt by this impossibility of condition.

  • All the more for the horrible vraisemblance of the story, could he see the steps by which it had been put together.

    At His Gates, Vol. 1(of 3) | Margaret Oliphant
  • The small part of Meixner, the theological student turned social-democrat, had vraisemblance.

    Iconoclasts | James Huneker