/ vriːs /


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Example Sentences

Holloway was accompanied by Dutch investigative journalist Peter de Vries, who captured the visit on camera.

“George would never have been seen with the likes of Sheldon Adelson or Donald Trump,” De Vries told the Times.

For now, de Vries is still keeping his day job, but he plans to devote more time to his art.

Good with his hands and with a keen eye, de Vries retrained as a restorer of art and precious objects.

Do species change by the gradual elimination of the unfit, or do they change by sudden leaps, the "mutation" theory of de Vries?

I adopted De Vries' views as seeming to me the most probable, but of late I have felt more doubts on this head.

The dress of some of these visitors was a surprise to De Vries and his men, of whom there were only seven on the yacht.

When De Vries anchored, he was very well received; and about forty Indians came on board his yacht, and made a call upon him.

These twelve representatives of the people chose De Vries as president of their number.