[ vuhl-vuh ]
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noun,plural vul·vae [vuhl-vee], /ˈvʌl vi/, vul·vas.Anatomy.
  1. the external female genitalia.

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Origin of vulva

Borrowed into English from Latin around 1540–50

Other words from vulva

  • vulval, vulvar, adjective
  • vul·vi·form [vuhl-vuh-fawrm], /ˈvʌl vəˌfɔrm/, vul·vate [vuhl-veyt, -vit], /ˈvʌl veɪt, -vɪt/, adjective
  • non·vul·val, adjective
  • non·vul·var, adjective

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How to use vulva in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for vulva


/ (ˈvʌlvə) /

nounplural -vae (-viː) or -vas
  1. the external genitals of human females, including the labia, mons veneris, clitoris, and the vaginal orifice

Origin of vulva

C16: from Latin: covering, womb, matrix

Derived forms of vulva

  • vulval, vulvar or vulvate (ˈvʌlveɪt), adjective
  • vulviform (ˈvʌlvɪˌfɔːm), adjective

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Scientific definitions for vulva


[ vŭl ]

Plural vulvas vulvae (vŭlvē′)
  1. The external genitals of female mammals, including the labia and clitoris.

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Cultural definitions for vulva


[ (vul-vuh) ]

The external organs of the female reproductive system.

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