[ wob-lee ]
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adjective,wab·bli·er, wab·bli·est.

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  • wab·bli·ness, noun

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How to use wabbly in a sentence

  • Nothing is more destructive of good tools than a grooved, uneven, or wabbly stone.

  • In a wabbly rocker, at imminent risk of a 238 breakdown, Priscilla jerked back and forth.

    The Camerons of Highboro | Beth B. Gilchrist
  • If, for some reason, the uprights are "wabbly" the frame may be stiffened by lashing diagonal cross sticks to the frame.

  • He lit a cigarette and hummed a wabbly tune, sitting astride a chair and watching me with his empty leer.

    I Walked in Arden | Jack Crawford
  • A thatched roof that leaked in every heavy shower leaned to a wabbly ridge-pole over the floor.

    Jerry of the Islands | Jack London