[ wey-koh ]


  1. a city in central Texas, on the Brazos River.

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Example Sentences

He wants to be a scientist like his father Bryan Shaw, a biochemist at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

I know that I disrespected a countless number of people within our amazing Waco community, and beyond.

Last March, friends and neighbors began stopping Emily Smith in her town outside of Waco, Texas, with questions about the coronavirus.

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Upon his return to Waco, he married his girlfriend, then pregnant with their son.

I worked six months a year in Waco, Texas, as an engineer to get work experience and to pay my way through Georgia Tech so that he didn’t have to pay.

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When George W. Bush hit the ranch in Crawford, reporters were holed up in Waco.

Especially after Waco, the political risks of delving too deeply into the radical right were too great.

What Boston celebrates as Patriots' Day has been morphed by many into a militia rally incorporating guns, Waco and Oklahoma City.

It is the date that federal officers attacked the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

The whole thing was sort of hippie-ish with a touch of Waco.

It's up to the winner whether he or she chooses $2875.00 in cash or a new Waco airplane, a big automobile, or a new home.

Because of swollen streams, Aguayo made a wide detour to the north, crossing the Brazos near Waco.

At Waco, Frank was placed under the care of a physician, and nursed until restored to health again.

He was half-way to the Waco village, and still the Pané trail led in that direction.

On the way back to Waco I witnessed a very singular contest.





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