[ wod ]
/ wɒd /


verb (used with object), wad·ded, wad·ding.

verb (used without object), wad·ded, wad·ding.

to become formed into a wad: The damp tissues had wadded in his pocket.

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    shoot one's wad, Informal.
    1. to spend all one's money: He shot his wad on a new car.
    2. to expend all one's energies or resources at one time: She shot her wad writing her first novel and her second wasn't as good.
    3. Slang: Vulgar.(of a man) to have an orgasm.

Origin of wad

1530–40; < Medieval Latin wadda < Arabic bāṭa'in lining of a garment, batting; compare French ouate, Dutch watte, Swedish vadd

Related formswad·der, nounun·wad·ded, adjective

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/ (wɒd) /


verb wads, wadding or wadded

Derived Formswadder, noun

Word Origin for wad

C14: from Late Latin wadda; related to German Watte cotton wool


/ (wɒd) /


a soft dark earthy amorphous material consisting of decomposed manganese minerals: occurs in damp marshy areas

Word Origin for wad

C17: of unknown origin

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