wagon master

  1. wagon boss.
  2. Also wag·on·mas·ter. a person hired or chosen to lead and guide a caravan of recreational vehicles, as campers, on a trip.
  3. Facetious. any leader, chief, commander, or the like: the wagon master of the bill now before Congress.

Origin of wagon master

First recorded in 1635–45
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Historical Examples of wagon master

  • The wagon-master says so, and so does every body else in the train, except Brecker, and he's a fool.

    Frank in the Mountains

    Harry Castlemon

  • One wagon-master, in fact, black-snaked him out of his camp.

  • "Being after you and gittin' you are two different things," said the wagon-master.

    Last of the Great Scouts

    Helen Cody Wetmore

  • The team then belonged to a train of which John Dorny was wagon-master.

    The Mule

    Harvey Riley

  • And yet the wagon-master has almost complete power over the train.

    The Mule

    Harvey Riley