wait out

Delay until the end of something, as in They waited out the war in Paris. This expression comes from baseball, where it alludes to the batter refraining from swinging at pitches in the hope of being walked (getting to first base on balls). It was first recorded in 1909 and was transferred to other activities by the 1930s.

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How to use wait out in a sentence

  • "She is set upon staying in the harbor for three more days, to wait out the week," reported Jordde.

    The Jewels of Aptor | Samuel R. Delany
  • wait out on the porch for just a little while,” called Mr. Seaton, in a low voice.

  • wait out there, like a jewel, till I put the beast away, and then you shall call me spalpeen again.

    Kilgorman | Talbot Baines Reed
  • And it was a nerve-racking experience to wait out the night with its hidden but sure dangers.

    Huts in Hell | Daniel A. Poling
  • It was just like our ill-luck to wait out of the shower; but for that delay we should have come in for the affray.

    Round About the Carpathians | Andrew F. Crosse